Munsell Viewer ver.2.2

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Munsell Viewer is software that performs "coloring using Munsell values".

        1. Displaying Munsell color charts. (All colors of the definition value of RIT real.dat)

        2. Converting the input Munsell value to RGB value and displaying its color and its value.

        3. Displaying a color table using Munsell values 
           such as US Standard Card, ISCC-NBS, Japan JIS standard etc.

        4. Easy coloring using Munsell values defined in the US Standard Card, 
           ISCC-NBS, Japan JIS standard etc.

Currently, these four are the basic functions.

[chart] [chart] [display] [display] [display]


Munsell Viewer v2.2 Additional events (pdf)

Munsell Viewer v2.1 Outline (pdf)

Munsell Color Chart (pdf)

Displaying Munsell Notation (pdf)

Displaying Color Table (pdf)

Coloring (pdf)

About Maintenace Command (pdf)

Promotional Movie For Munsell Viewer (YouTube (1:48))
    Because it seems obvious "Making promotional movie."
    I made with Mac iMovie staying in not understanding well.

    In fact, I do not quite understand this kind of thing.