QR Ware ver.1.1

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QR Ware is software that does such things:
Create a QR code from the data in the file.
Write the QR code decoding result to a file.
If being able to store in terms of size, any data can be stored in the QR code.
Also, regardless of the QR code decoding result, it can be output to a file.

About specifications
Summary of easy use
About QR Code Image Reading of QR Ware

About how to use
Introduction - About the absence of files
About how to display files
About file selection method
About transfer of digital signature or cipher related files

QR code
Create QR code
Decode QR Code (Read out the contents)
QR code creation option

Text related
Text Input

Image related
Retrieving Photos
Sending to Photos
Paste from Pasteboard
Copy to Pasteboard

File related
Duplicating File
Renaming Filename
Exporting File
Export with Zip
Delete File
All Delete

File import
File import

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy