rsac ver.2.0

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rsac is software that performs encryption and digital signature using RSA public key cipher.
This software is not for beginners.
There is no consideration for beginners particularly.

About specifications
Simple Explanation
About the rsac specification
Usable keys for rsac
Kind of Key
What is RSA-KEM?

About how to use
Introduction - About the absence of files
About how to display files
About file selection method
About transfer of digital signature, cipher related files
About transfer of digital signature, cipher related files (2)

RSA public key cipher
RSA-KEM encryption (using public key)
RSA-KEM decryption (using private key)
PKCS#1 v.1.5 encryption (using public key)
PKCS#1 v.1.5 Decryption (using private key)

Digital signature
About the sign rsac does
About PKCS#7 SignedData
Digital signature code behavior
Sign 1 Outline 1 Verify 1
Sign 2 Outline 2 Verify 2
Sign 3 Outline 3 Verify 3
Sign 4 Outline 4 Verify 4
Sign 5 Outline 5 Verify 5
Outline of contents of digital signature
Retrieve the contents of digital signature

Key related
Key pair generation
X.509 public key certificate creation
PKCS#12 Creation
Retrieve private key and X.509 certificate from PKCS#12
Retrieve public key from private key
Retrieve public key from X.509 public key certificate
Display of content of private key
Display of content of public key
Content display of X. 509 public key certificate (content confirmation)
Check if private key and public key are paired
Confirmation of whether the private key and the private key are identical
Checking if the public key and the public key are identical
X.509 Public Key Certificate Verification
Partner confirmation - Sender side
Partner confirmation - Receiver side

Hash value calculation
HMAC calculation
Random number split cipher - split
Random number split cipher - combine
AES-256-CBC encryption
AES-256-CBC decryption
Base64 encoding
Base64 decoding
Convert a binary file into a PEM file
Convert PEM file into binary file
Generate random number
File comparison

Sample key
Sample key

Text related
Text Input

Image related
Retrieving Photos
Sending to Photos
Paste from Pasteboard
Copy to Pasteboard

File related
Duplicating File
Renaming Filename
Exporting File
Export with Zip
Delete File
All Delete

File import
File import

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy